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Microfibre Wash Mitt


Our microfibre wash mitt will retain the super suds from our gloss bathe allowing it to glide easily over your car with superior cleaning power whilst minimising swirls. Always use as part of the 2 bucket method.

Juicy Details Premium Microfibre Wash Mitt is a must for the avid car cleaner. Long gone are the days of the dirty sponge.

Comfortable microfibre wash mitt that has perfect wrist grip to make sure that it stays put. Super absorbent to keep the water in and on the wash mitt.

Whether you are using it for your business or just using it on your own vehicle, the microfibre pile is designed to last.

You see the issue with the sponge is that it just rubs dirt across the surface, this is what is going to give you those horrible scratches on your car, also known as swirl marks.

You need something that is soft to the touch and all of the microfibres built into our wash mitt is just that. When you rub your hand over the microfibre wash glove you will feel all of the extra plush pile strands that will easily lift debris and dirt off of your car and stop the dirt from scratching your paintwork, but is so absorbing, it will hold maximum shampoo suds keeping your bodywork in tip top condition.

Always follow the two bucket method policy. Always use a completely different wash mitt to use on your wheels to remove grime and brake dust.

lubricated mitts are the way forward, no more scratchy sponges

Ideal washing instructions:
Hand wash with a liquitab and then air dry… If you are lazy then make sure that the temperature of your washing machine isn’t more than 40 degrees. Prevent from drying in direct sunlight.

Ensure a safe wash the next time by using a ‘cat comb’ and brushing the fibres before the next use.

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