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Best Snowfoam cannon
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Car detailing products made by detailers, for everyone. No gimmicks, fancy marketing or bull. Just honest products used daily by detailers and car enthusiasts alike. Trusted by thousands.

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Save in bundles

Save yourself some well earned cash by buying in bundles! Our maintenance product kit is a single click in getting everything that you need for you to maintain and get your car gleaming.

From the people

From the people

Can not fault any Juicy product! Easy to work with and excellent results!
— Ryan Crewe
Need the full shebang?

Full maintenance kit

Full maintenance kit for a fraction of the price seperately!


Maxshine Snowfoam Cannon V2

Been an essential in my kit since they were released. One for Arctic Wipeout and one for Ceramic Snowfoam. Seriously well built and never let me down.

Ceramic Snowfoam

The fastest way to get amazing protection and a gloss boost that’ll get heads turning! Our Ceramic Snowfoam is used at the end of your wash to add a layer of glossy protection goodness.

Bleeding Iron

Bleeding Iron is our iron fallout remover. Mostly used for easily cleaning up wheels, our Bleeding Iron is perfect for those big chemical decontamination cleans before adding protection.