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Pet Hair Remover Brush


The best pet hair removal tool out there.

The rubber nibs easily brush up pet hair with ease.

Perfect for the car and home.

Best way of getting rid of dog hair? Our Juicy Details Pet Hair Remover will do the job!

You can spend hours on cleaning the car and then get inside to tackle the interior and Henry the hoover doesn’t cut the mustard. This is the biggest problem for pet owners and trying to keep their interior looking clean. It’s a given that their hair gets EVERYWHERE and sticky tape is now a thing of the past.

Our Pet Hair Remover Brush has rubberised nubs that act as a comb that get deep into the carpet and upholstery to remove pet hair. Simply rub the brush along to bring up and gather the hair to be picked up by hand.

Orange in colour and cubed for a perfect grip as well as giving 4 sides of use. The Juicy Details Pet Hair Remover is a must for your Detailing Kit bag. Not too much pressure is needed and remember, the harder the surface you are rubbing, the nodules will wear away faster.

The Juicy Details Pet Hair Remover is reusable and a simple run under water and it’s good to go again!

Perfect for home as well to be used on carpets, sofas, bedding and keeping your Juicy hoodie looking fresh! So grab a couple!