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Leather 2-in-1


It’s ok to wear your favourite blue jeans in your car… just know that our leather cleaner and conditioner is looking after your seats!

Our Juicy Details car leather cleaner is designed to get into all of the dirt and grime that comes with owning a leather interior, especially with kids!

For perfect clean leather seats, our Leather Cleaner is designed to add suppleness and resistance to the leather to maintain and prevent surface cracking. Quick and easy leather care that can be done with one bottle and a soft cloth!

We would always advise on regular cleaning to clean leather car seats so a simple spray on and wipe off with a damp cloth is all you need for easy car care.

Leather fragranced to boost that high-end smell! Also perfect for cleaning your leather sofa at home!


Always test a small amount in an inconspicuous area with leather upholstery

First of all, you should be hitting the car interior lightly and stepping up the aggression on the leather if needed.

We would advise for the first step of cleaning leather to simply spray onto a clean microfiber cloth and work into the leather. If more aggression is needed at this stage, use a no.20 brush to agitate the leather cleaning into the hide and let work and dwell before microfibre clothing off.

Do not allow to dry on the leather surface.

Under no circumstances use a ‘magic pad’! These are far too aggressive for any leather… Always start safe and keep going, you can’t go the ‘other’ way! At most, use a scrub pad for spots but warning alert… use lightly!

Finish off with a leather conditioner and a dry cloth. This will help minimise wear and tear and keep your leather seats in the best condition possible.