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Clean Trim Antibacterial Interior Cleaner


Our Interior cleaner that most people are buying to use around the house! Clean Trim does not just kill 99.9% of germs like your average antibacterial cleaner, our product is also a virus killer meaning if there’s anything hiding on hard surfaces that you could pick up, yes, this spray will kill it! Stay Safe, and save lives.

Our brand new antibacterial, anti-virus and odour eliminating interior cleaner all in one!

Did you know that there are 4 times more bacteria on a steering wheel than a toilet seat? #uselessstuffthatJayknows
Well in this day and age, you need to be getting rid of that pretty much pronto. Our Clean Trim is a cleaning spray that not only kills 99.9% bacteria like Dettol but its ingredients contain biocide meaning that it kills viruses as well!!

Your car interior collects a multitude of dirt and germs that you wouldn’t even be aware of, so to make sure your car is clean from the inside to the out, Clean Trim will kill bacterial infection with its anti-fungal properties keeping you safe from any nasties.

Works on all surfaces and leaves your car smelling amazing with its watermelon scent.

Our product comes in a handy 250ml bottle as it is an essential to keep in your car at all times, perfect for keeping in your door pocket.


For best results, we recommend spraying onto a microfibre cloth and wiping over every surface, taking special attention to areas such as the steering wheel, gear knob, lever and interior handles and switches.
Spritz the spray onto carpets, mats, seats and upholstery to leave your vehicle with a lovely watermelon scent and look fresh.

Clean Trim antibacterial spray should be used for preparation before using your dressing such as Matte Trim or Gloss Trim if you prefer the shine.

This product’s purpose is not just for the car, you’ll love the fresh smell and clean results around the house. Our product is rated safe on food areas so perfect for disinfecting your kitchen surfaces.