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Arctic Wipeout Snowfoam


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Pre-wash by adding a ‘snow’ layer of foam to your car’s exterior softening dirt and grime.

To achieve a flawless finish, you need a powerful starting point. Begin your car cleaning routine with the essential pre-wash stage, featuring our pH-neutral Arctic Wipeout Snow Foam.

Including a pre-wash stage is crucial for effectively eliminating the majority of harmful dirt before proceeding to the car shampoo phase. Wondering what snow foam is? It’s a highly popular pre-wash solution.

Arctic Wipeout Snow Foam acts as a foam that gently cascades down the vehicle, effectively softening and removing dirt particles.

For all car cleaning enthusiasts, Juicy Details Arctic Wipeout is an absolute must-have. This exceptional car care product boasts impressive cleaning power, effortlessly lifting dirt and grime from your car, motorcycle, motorhome, or even your prized boat.

While some may appreciate thick layers of snow foam purely for their Instagram appeal, it’s important to note that excessive product is often wasted as there is no direct contact with the surface. In an ideal scenario, after applying snow foam, observe the foam slowly cascading down your vehicle. This process is crucial as it allows gravity to assist in pulling down the dirt.

Directions for Snow Foam Application:

  1. Apply the diluted product onto your vehicle’s exterior using a pressure washer or a Mesto hand foamer.
  2. Allow the foam to soak for approximately 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off completely (Never allow it to dry onto the vehicle!)

While the snow foam dwells, take the opportunity to use a mild dilution of All Purpose Cleaner and a No.20 detailing brush to meticulously clean the nooks and crannies, such as window seals, door shuts, and grills.

Avoid letting the foam dry on the surface, and exercise caution when applying it under direct sunlight or in high temperatures.

We recommend a dilution ratio of 10 to 20 parts water to one part snow foam.

How Do We Use It?

To ensure optimal results, we employ our professional snow foam alongside a Kranzle pressure washer and our snow foam lance. We highly recommend using a snow foam gun that allows you to control the foam density by adjusting the air and water mixture.

To create our ultimate snow foam solution, we typically add approximately an inch of snow foam concentrate into a one-litre bottle and fill the remainder with warm water. While it’s uncertain whether this is a myth or not, we believe that using warm water enhances the cleaning efficiency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simon Warner
Artic Wipeout Snowfoam 5* review

Goes on nice and not too thick like some products on the market.
Allow to dwell for 5-10mins and a good jet wag and all the dirt is blasted away…
Followed by the Juicy Gloss Bathe and a finish off with ‘The One’ and what an easy and amazing result 👌

super foamy

works well does what it should and as a added extra is super foamy good for the Instagram photos :P

Martin Knight
Perfect coverage

This is the best snow foam on the market. After trying multiple brands the Juicy Snowfoam gave the best coverage and results