Wrap Wax

Wrap Wax


Our Wrap wax is perfect and suitable for any wrap surface such as matte, satin or gloss. Having a wrapped car doesn’t mean you can’t wax it!

Perfect for all vehicle vinyl and helps protect from graphics to a full vinyl wrapped car.


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Very easy to apply and seriously easy to take off!


Minimise swirls by adding protective layers.

Block pollutants and ultraviolet rays from damaging your new wrap job.

Super-hydrophobic properties

Increase head-turning appearance as it gives more depth to the wrap

keeping your wrap treated with wrap wax protection will prevent long term staining

Greatly reduce the time of maintenance cleans

Designed for protection against contamination that may adhere easier to non-waxed wraps.

Should I Wax My Car Wrap?

In a single word, yes.

When it comes to wraps you’ll want all the protection you can get. The sun will in time bleach the exposed surfaces and damage the finish. Most wraps don’t have the protection like paint on a car with a clear coat. Some people pay a lot of money to get their car ceramic coated after a wrap. Whether you put on a coating or a wax, your car requires protection applied as soon as possible.

Once you have that coating on, caring for your wrap is a lot easier.

With regular cleaning, you can keep your wrap in tip-top condition.

Where most waxes would leave a shine and give you an ‘oily’ look, our wrap wax does not contain any gloss enhancers meaning it is perfect for matte and satin finishes as well as protecting glossy finishes!

We have been testing LOTS of different products that are ‘supposed’ to be for vinyl but have always left us disappointed. Our own workhorse Transporter T5 was wrapped by Yiannimize and although we thought it was a GREAT idea at the time, trying to look after every different type of panel being half black, half white matte, satin, gloss vinyl was more of a nightmare than a dream wrap! After testing our new wax for over 8 months, we are incredibly pleased with not just how it performs but it’s insane beading capabilities as well. Water just does not sit well with the product and it’s has made our wrap a real head turner!

Matte wrap seems to be very porous on its own and even with safe washing. The textured surface will not get rid of grime buildup. In our detailing centre we tend to get the dirt out of the wrap by using a gentle hand polish gently removing stains that shampoo washes would leave behind.

This is a timely process that we can now cut out. All of the issues that we have faced with wrapped vehicles are now removed after a single application of our wrap wax.

Increases max protection on all colours and types of vinyl.

If you do have fine scratches in your wrap we would recommend speaking to your wrapper to find out what type of wrap they have used. With self-healing wraps, heating the wrap with a heat gun before applying the wax is recommended or with a dual-action polisher. By not putting too much heat through the wrap (you would want to prevent the material finish to change.), using light compounds to smooth out swirl marks before installation of the wax.

Bird droppings or tree sap should be removed off of your wrap ASAP with a good quality microfiber towel with a Quick Detailer as lubrication. We would highly advise the use of our Wrap quick detailer Wrap-iD. Avoid too much pressure or allowing the damaging properties drying or baking into your wrap.


Always be careful and try on an inconspicuous part of your wrap to make sure that no potential harm is done.

To be used on a nice clean car, ideally to be put on after a full decontamination wash and panel wiped (isopropyl spray). (The last thing you want to be doing is rubbing any dirt or contaminants with a wax applicator over your pride and joy.) With a simply 45º turn of your wax applicator, rub into your freshly cleaned dust-free, dry wrap and overlap.

Leave for (depending on weather temperature) 5-10minutes for the wax to haze up. When hazing occurs, using a luxury microfibre cloth, remove the wax by buffing off with care. Our wrap wax will take around 2 hours to bond with the vinyl wrap so please wait if you would like to put on a second coat for maximum protection and insane beads!

Just because you’re now not detailing paint, it doesn’t mean that wax is dead… Welcome to the game changer! I’m pretty sure that your wrap cost wasn’t cheap so dramatically helping protect the life of your fresh automotive wrap is key.

For the detailers who enjoys waxing their vehicle. Stunning wrap wax that should be in every detailing kit bag.

Treating your car and stand out from the rest of the crowd, level up with our brand new wrap wax.

If you own a wrapping business, you need to be putting this onto your customers’ cars before they leave your unit!

Available in 100ml or 50ml size.

Recommended cloths/towels and cleaner

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