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Wheelie Good Kit
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Wheelie Good Kit


All the bottles that you need to maintain your wheels. If you need the full kit including all the accessories to go with it! Click here: Wheelie Good Full Kit

Bleeding Iron

Bleeding Iron dissolves brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact.

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Mint Wheels

No other better way to keep your alloy wheels mint than Juicy Details Mint Wheels. Non-acidic.

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Gloss Tyre

Used to be called Simply Red Tyre Dressing, our Gloss Tyre Dressing is for that show shine dripping wet look to get you noticed. A crowd pleaser at all the Jap shows.

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All the bottles you need to maintain your wheels in one wheel cleaning kit!

We are getting asked more and more about how to look after wheels that are expensive without doing any damage. All of our products are PH neutral so aren’t going to do the damage that you would get at your local hand car wash. Many people forget that the reason that they can smash through so many cars in a day is because of the chemicals that they use are seriously aggressive!


We thought that we would make 2 kits for you… one with just the wheel cleaning chemicals and the other with the wheel cleaning chemicals plus the accessories to go with it.

What’s the best way to clean wheels? We will tell you how!

Wheels should always be cleaned first. They’re more than likely to be the dirtiest part of the car as not only do they have the most contact with the dirty roads, they have constant hot brake dust that they’re dealing with.

  1. Hit them with a pressure washer… you want to try and get as much dirt off of them as possible before you make any contact wash (touching with a brush or wash mitt)
  2. Spray Mint Wheels all over the front of the wheel, tyre and inner barrel. Leave to dwell and let its magic work for a few minutes.
  3. Scrub tyres (tyre brush not included) to bring out all dirt and any old gel that has seeped into the rubber.
  4. Using the EZ wheel brush first you will be able to get through to your barrel giving them a good scrub.
  5. The No.20 brush will be perfect for the face of the alloy getting into the nut holes as well as in between multi spokes.
  6. Now depending on how dirty the wheel is, we would recommend jet washing this off again and having another spray of mint wheels before using the polish mitt which is the most awesome mitt for getting in between and around the back of wheel spokes.
  7. Jet wash the wheel at this point and then spray Bleeding Iron over the wheel and let the magic happen. (You can JUST use Bleeding Iron on wheels that don’t have too much dirt but we are telling you how we clean)
  8. Agitate Bleeding Iron with the brushes after a couple of minutes of dwell time and then jet wash back off to the cleanest wheel you have EVER had!
  9. Once tyres are dry then apply gloss tyre via the applicator for that ultimate show car finish.

Once the wheel is gleaming we would advise getting our Spray Sealant on them to make them as easy as possible for cleaning next time.

Need the full shebang kit, Click here: Wheelie Good Full Kit


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