Pure Final Rinse Quad Bag Vessel


The daddy of them all. Made for the specialist and auto detailers that are doing volumes of vehicles. 24l volume.

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Those in the business of valeting, car detailing or maybe just earning a bit of side income with a car cleaning gig should really take a few moments to look at the money and time saving features of the Pure Final Rinse Quad Bag Vessel. In your line of work, the key is to move vehicles in and out quickly because time is money. Right? The more vehicles you can move through, the more money you make. It?s simple economics. However, there is one holdup that you haven?t yet conquered and that?s the final rinse and buffing those water marks off the car. There?s a way to avoid all that and Pure Final Rinse DI water is the answer.
The Secret Is in the Water
Whether you know it or not, the secret is in the water. All those water spots that you laboriously buff and shine, hopefully to perfection you never quite achieve, are the result of minerals, chemicals and other impurities in the water. The Pure Final Rinse Quad Bag Vessel is a cost effective way to remove those impurities because the easy to change mesh resin bags turn ordinary tap water into DI water. Deionised water is the result of charged resin beads within the bags that work like magnets to capture any minerals and other impurities that are the cause of water marks. In their absence, water evaporates leaving nothing behind but a clean, squeaky clean vehicle.
You Can?t Get Results without Pure Water
No matter how hard you try, you just can?t get the results you are looking for when detailing a car unless you use pure water for the final rinse. Those resin beads in?the DI filter ensure the water is pure and when it evaporates, nothing will be left behind to leave those unsightly ?water marks.?
In the business of car cleaning, detailing or valeting? Then the Pure Final Rinse Quad Bag Vessel is the perfect size for your needs. If you have any questions, address an email to [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible. PFR just made car cleaning a breeze!