Pure Final Rinse Single Bag Vessel – PFR1


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The perfect way to start making Pure Water at home. In this country, if you have a dark coloured vehicle and want it to look good in the summer, you’re going to have a nightmare with water spots being left on the car after a ‘quick clean’. The reason behind this is all of the limescale and chalk that is in UK tap water. It’s not a bad thing for tap water to be like that as they are all of the minerals that you would need within drinking water but when it comes to cleaning cars, these minerals are the bits that will make a great car look terrible and the main difference between a ‘washed car’ look and a ‘detailed car’ look. Introducing the Pure Final Rinse. The single bag vessel is a perfect starting point to give you a spotless car by producing pure water straight from the water out of your tap. Please be aware that the resin will have a shortened life in hard water areas of the UK. Car enthusiasts always seem to be at a loss for ways to clean their vehicle regularly and when all is said and done, have it look squeaky clean without the need to buff it out for literally hours on end. If you have been trying to get your car clean without leaving behind water spots and streaks, you should know that you are using the wrong kind of water. But isn’t water just water? Well, actually, no it’s not and Pure Final Rinse Single Bag Vessel will show you the difference! How the Pure Final Rinse System WorksThe easy to change mesh bag has little plastic beads that, when introduced to water, release ions that attract all the minerals and other impurities in the water leaving the resulting water pure. When you rinse your vehicle with clean, pure water there will be no ugly streaks and water spots left behind because there is nothing to make the stain. Bear in mind that water evaporates but those spots are the chemicals and minerals that do not, so they remain as what most call a water spot. The DI filter, the mesh resin bag, is the secret to success. If you are not a car detailer and simply want to keep your own family vehicle sparkling clean, the Pure Final Rinse Single Bag Vessel is the ideal size for your needs. We are sure you will love the results!- See more at: Pure Final Rinse Pure Water Vessel

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