Juicy Details stickers - new 2019 logo decals
Juicy Details Car Window Stickers
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Juicy Details Car Window Stickers


New Juicy Details car window stickers are here! With an array of wicked colours with a wide selection of matte and gloss car window decals with every now and then, we chuck in some insane limited edition stickers include Police High-Vis and Glow In The Dark!


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Made in house, our new updated easy to apply Juicy Details window stickers are here!

Using a 5-year durable vinyl sticker, the high-quality car window decals come in a gloss finish, matte finish and our special editions that pop up from time to time including prism and even glow in the dark! :O

The large car window stickers are designed for the rear windows whilst the small ones are perfect for side windows.

Can be applied to a glass surface with ease or paintwork.

Please note that our Juicy Details window stickers are a quality car decal and designed for the use that we are selling them for… Normally we say that the ‘customer is always right’ Please please please make sure that the paintwork or vehicle window has been prepped correctly before trying to stick the decal on. Trying to put our stickers on a ceramic coated car or a window that has just been cleaned with our window cleaner and sealed with our window/ glass sealant is not going to end well. The best thing to do is to prep the window with some isopropanol alcohol before applying.

Please select from the drop-down menus with what colours and size that you are after. Large stickers are roughly 250mmx145mm and the smalls are 115mmx65mm

Please be aware, due to the size of the small stickers sometimes the little bit of the ‘A’ goes walkies. We can not guarantee that it will make it into your sticker. We will try our hardest though.

If you are after a special size then we can normally do special orders. Just slide into the DMs on our Insta or email us on [email protected]

Full Gloss Colour List:

Baby Blue
Hot Pink

Full Matte Window Sticker List:

Matte Black
Matte Blue
Matte Pink
Matte Red

Limited Edition Window Stickers:

Police Hi-Vis white!
Black Prism
Silver Prism


We tend to use the dry method with putting the car window stickers on. Make sure that the surface has been cleaned and prepped with iso alcohol or a decent panel wipe spray.

Using a vinyl squeegee or a credit card you want to be able to push out any bubbles that are on the front of the app tape.

Place the car window sticker wherever you feel looks best with a little masking tape on the top or sides to make sure that you have it in the perfect position. Once you are happy then you can lift the car window decal up and peel away the backing paper and with the squeegee push the app tape down onto your car window.

Now with the squeegee, push out all of the air bubbles that are hiding under the lettering of the Juicy Details decal, you will have a few but the small ones that are a nightmare to get rid of will vanish over a few good weeks so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

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Small, White (Gloss), Small, Anthracite (Gloss), Small, Black (Gloss), Small, Red (Gloss), Small, Orange (Gloss), Small, Yellow (Gloss), Small, Green (Gloss), Small, Turquoise (Gloss), Small, Aqua (Gloss), Small, Baby Blue (Gloss), Small, Purple (Gloss), Small, Hot Pink (Gloss), Small, Black (Matte), Small, Blue (Matte), Small, Pink (Matte), Small, Red (Matte), Small, Police Hi-Vis white!, Small, Black Prism, Small, Silver Prism, Small, GLOW IN THE FRIKKEN DARK!, Large, White (Gloss), Large, Anthracite (Gloss), Large, Black (Gloss), Large, Red (Gloss), Large, Orange (Gloss), Large, Yellow (Gloss), Large, Green (Gloss), Large, Turquoise (Gloss), Large, Aqua (Gloss), Large, Baby Blue (Gloss), Large, Purple (Gloss), Large, Hot Pink (Gloss), Large, Black (Matte), Large, Blue (Matte), Large, Pink (Matte), Large, Red (Matte), Large, Police Hi-Vis white!, Large, Black Prism, Large, Silver Prism, Large, GLOW IN THE FRIKKEN DARK!, Small, Orange Prism GLITTER!, Large, Orange Prism GLITTER!


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