Hand sanitiser 250ml bottle


Hand sanitiser 250ml bottle


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People Googling “How to make your own hand sanitizer” … and then realising homemade aint’ such a great idea as you can’t get the raw ingredients anywhere and it’s actually cheaper to buy hand sanitiser straight off of the shelf unless you’re looking for a tonne of it!

Yes we know that since the news of the global COVID pandemic ‘coronavirus’ everybody is after a bottle of hand sanitiser that they can keep in the car for when you do your weekly shop. Anything over 57% will kill the virus and the antibacterial gel is kind and won’t do any damage to your hands.Our hand gel is 70% ethanol.

Hand sanitizer has been flying off of the shelves and this is already one of our best selling products.

Fight against potential life-threatening bacteria and viruses and stay safe. Keep your hygiene standards high and include our Clean Trim interior cleaner that is antibacterial and antiviral!

Recommended to be with you at all times for when you can’t get to wash your hands for the 20 seconds. Protect yourself and your whole family.

If you are a key business, please get in contact as we can offer you a discount on supplies, we know how hard it can be to get the sanitising equipment at the moment.

Discount for NHS workers because let’s face it, you guys are amazing, thank you for all you do. (Discount availability based on showing us your blue card via email or social media)

More stock arriving on a week to week basis but be quick to keep the harmful germs at bay.

Your health store doesn’t sell cleaning supplies for your car so you may as well get both your supplies and hand sanitisers at the same time.

Next working day delivery available if ordered before 2 pm. Take care and support our NHS by staying at home.