Glass Cloth

Glass Cloth


The Perfect glass cloth to get your car windows shining and mark free. A window cloth makes a massive difference.

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What’s the difference between the glass cloth and a microfibre?

A lot

We get asked all the time why should I use a glass cleaning cloth instead of a standard microfibre when we sell our car glass cleaner.

It’s a different type of microfibre than the ‘standard’ microfibre cloths. It’s still lint free, but the fibres are much smaller allowing you to use less product to give you a streak-free finish.

This window cloth is the easiest way to get that sparkling glass finish. Ideal for getting rid of finger marks, fine dust, and other contaminants that you will pick up on the interior and exterior of your windows.

When using dry, the glass cloth will also collect fine dust by creating a static charge. This makes a cloth to clean the inside of your car windows with no mess.

With it’s overlocked stitching you can machine wash up to 200 times with it keeping shape retention. When washing, use a liquitab WITHOUT fabric softener.

70 % polyester, 30 % polyamide