Decontamination kit to get your car paint like glass
Decon Car Kit – Decontamination bundle
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Decon Car Kit – Decontamination bundle


Everyone has the goals of their paintwork feeling like glass… now is the time to get it that way with our full decontamination kit.

TAG Tar And Glue Remover

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Bleeding Iron

Bleeding Iron dissolves brake dust and other iron-rich contaminants upon contact.

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Clay Lube

Clay bar lube to get your vehicle the smoothest it’s ever been, ready for protection.

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Juicy Details Clay Bar 200Gm

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Standard Microfibre Towel × 2

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All bundled into one package meaning you save monies on the best way to decontaminate your car.

TAG Tar and Glue Remover
Iron Fallout Remover
Clay Bar and Clay Lube
with car microfibre cloths to go with it.

EVERYTHING out in the open will damage your paintwork so you’re going to need to get it protected. Before putting on wax or a sealant you will want to get your paintwork in it’s best condition by getting rid of the contamination.

With tree sap, brake dust, iron and metallic particles, all types of industrial fallout gets wedged and stuck into the paintwork and a normal car wash will not be able to remove these. Here’s comes proper car care and stepping car detailing up a notch.

Bleeding iron removes iron fallout from the whole car and not just brake dust from the wheels. Once the car is shampooed, spray all over the car and leave to dwell, you’ll be amazed by the number of blood spots you’ll see!  Agitate if needed and then wash away.

Once this is done pinpoint all of the tar and use our tar and glue remover to wipe away with ease.

The third and final step of the decontamination kit is to use our clay bar with the ph neutral clay lubricant. Break a bit of the clay off and fold the clay into itself until it becomes a usable putty. Spray the car panel as well as the clay bar and rub the clay over the car paint until it feels smooth. Keep checking the clay bar for dirt. As soon as it looks dirty, fold the clay bar into itself again to a clean piece and go again.

Once car is clayed with would recommend to shampoo and then polish before applying wax.


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