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Experience a flawless, showroom-worthy shine with Juicy Details Clay Lube. Our advanced formula provides superior lubrication for effortlessly removing embedded contaminants for a clean and glossy surface. For use with Juicy Details Clay Bar.

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Transform your car detailing routine with Juicy Details Clay Lube, the premium clay lubricant designed to give your vehicle an unparalleled shine and finish. Specially formulated by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, this high-performance clay lube is your secret weapon for achieving a perfect glide for our detailing clay bar.

Why Choose Juicy Details Clay Lube?

  1. Superior Lubrication: Juicy Details Clay Lube provides exceptional lubrication, allowing your clay bar to glide effortlessly across the surface of your car. This reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.
  2. Versatile Application: This versatile clay lube is suitable for use on various surfaces, including paintwork, glass, chrome, and wheels. It provides optimal lubrication for clay bars, clay mitts, and other detailing tools, ensuring consistent results across your entire vehicle.
  3. Long-Lasting Performance: Juicy Details Clay Lube is designed to withstand the demands of professional car detailing. Its long-lasting lubrication properties allow you to work more efficiently, saving you time and effort during the detailing process.
  4. Safe and Easy to Use: Our clay lube is formulated with a user-friendly approach in mind. It is safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats, and does not leave behind any residue. Simply apply, clay, and wipe away for a flawlessly clean and glossy surface.

Give your car the care it deserves with Juicy Details Clay Lube. Whether you are a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, this high-quality clay lube will elevate your car detailing experience to a whole new level. Unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s appearance and restore its showroom-worthy shine with Juicy Details Clay Lube – the ultimate car care solution.

Order your bottle of Juicy Details Clay Lube today and experience the difference it can make in your car detailing routine.

3 reviews for Clay Lube

  1. Sam Cross

    Used in conjunction with the Clay Bar this will make the removal of impurities from your car paint a breeze. Trust me, you may think your cars clean, but use this and a clay bar after a proper decontamination wash and you’ll see just how many impurities are hidden in plain sight

  2. robertparrott91 (verified owner)

    Juicy details clay lube is the the best one I have tried yet , its like silky ! It makes clay baring a car very easy ! Would recommend 100%

  3. Simon bell

    Best product when u use it with juicy clay bar

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