Bleeding Iron – Fallout Remover 5 Litre

Bleeding Iron – Fallout Remover 5 Litre


5 Litres of the rotten egg smelling, best wheel cleaner there is 😉 The Pro range now includes our Bleeding Iron fallout remover.

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So here at Juicy Details, we pride ourselves in the most amazing colours and smells, then there’s Bleeding Iron fallout remover… Sorry.

We’ve even put berry scent in there to try and make it better and I’ll be honest, Nah. It’s better, but still stinks like rotten eggs but it’s the actual ‘goodness’ that smells bad. If we took that out then our product simply wouldn’t work as good.

So believe me in saying that it’s worth the smell.

Perfect for use as a wheel cleaner as it safely eats through brake dust.