Berry Quick Quick Detailer

Berry Quick Quick Detailer


Berry Quick – Quick Detailer is a quick detailer spray that will give you a perfect finish with incredible shine in no time. To be used for a quick spruce up or as a drying aid for when the vehicle is too dirty and to be used after a 2 bucket wash.

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Perfectly fine to be used on all colours of cars and if the car already has protection such as waxes or a ceramic coating.
Quick detailing used to be frowned upon… As long as you know it’s benefits and its limits then using a quick detailer is the difference in turning up to a car show looking alright OR looking its best and getting the best of show.
No need to worry as by using our Berry Quick – quick detailer will give your vehicle the best looking shine
No streaking – Just a slick coat. Easy to use and if used regularly, you will find it leaves an anti static coating to keep dirt and dust at bay.
Best quick detailer to:
  • Act as a rinse aid and help dry your car after a full detail.
  • Attract less dust.
  • Clean and shine your car from a light dusting.
  • Top up your wax or spray sealant.
  • The first product needed to look good when getting to your car show!
  • Give a wet gloss look to paint of any colour.
  • Give a smooth finish to turn heads for that ultimate wow factor.
  • Improved protection and gloss.
  • Clean bird droppings off of your sweet ride in between washes and not having to get out all of your detailing products!
Juicy details Berry Quick Detailer creates a streak-free finish with stunning results for any paint colour. Use to remove dirt, debris, bird droppings (Best used as early as possible before they can create acid etching), brake dust and road dirt without scratching sensitive paint.
Quick detailers will keep your car’s exterior looking great. The more you use, the better you will create a barrier that stops dirt sticking to your paint.

How to Use our Quick Detailer spray

Mist over dirt, dust or fingerprints.
When using in sunlight, spray on the microfibre towel and not on the car’s hot surface.
Gently wipe over with a high-quality microfiber towel, only in one direction and never circular.
Always check the microfibre towel after every wipe, if the cloth is dusty, fold and use a clean side.
Turn your luxury microfibre towel over to a clean, dry side and buff any streaks for a perfect finish.
This is our high gloss quick detailer… Not be used for matt or satin finishes. See our Wrap-ID Quick Detailer.
Don’t forget to use only the best towels for your cleaning! – Luxury microfibre towels – Perfect to apply our products as well as removing.
Our QD can also be a perfect clay bar lube. Liberally spray onto car as well as clay bar for best results.
 Our berry fragranced quick detailer smells incredible and is one of our best selling products and should be part of everyone’s maintenance kit. So for the best shine when you haven’t got time to wax, best used for that quick shine! If you care for your car, keep our spray detailer in the door pocket, quick and easy to give a shine quick.
The best quick detailer used by us… Detailers. As a detail spray OR as a rinse aid after a full wash.
Also known as a speed detailer or a quik detailer for people who can’t spell very well 😉
Formulated in house.
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