Josh Sales – josh_mk4

As ‘Juicy’ as you get! Part of the furniture.

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Josh Sales – VW Golf Mk4

Birthdate – 27th March 1996



My interests are mainly cars but more precisely making them go faster.

How did you get into cars?

My life when I was younger was harder than the average person at that age, I needed something to take my mind of things and I found go-karts and motor cross bikes this lead to car and then modifying them.

Fav thing on TV

I don’t really watch TV has all ways at work or at shows with juicy but if I had to pick something it would be The grand tour or Speed with Guy Martin.

Favourite music

Anything with bass, I listen to most music so don’t really have a favourite.

Sweets or chocolate

I’d say, sweets, what ones? Probs Maoam. Why? Who’s doesn’t like Maoam!

How did you hear about Juicy Details?

I was at a show, in fact, a French car show, I bought a podium wax and a quick detailer off John. After going to many shows I got speaking to John and was on the stand for the first time at Donington for vag tuner. After that, I spent a lot of time in Newmarket with John helping bottling product and get ready for shows and helping at said shows, and that’s how I’m now where I am with the brand. Some people say am part of the furniture. 🙂

Fav Juicy Details product?

I have used every single product the juicy sells, tested most of the new products that have come out in the juicy range, each product has it’s own use and for that reason I don’t have a favourite one as some days I like the detailer  and quick sealant for a quick easy wash but other days, for them deep cleans I like the hard waxes.

What’s your favourite car?

When you work on cars every day you come to the conclusion that cars are rubbish and no matter what make or model the car is they have problems and they break down. But I’d have to say my favourite brand or group of a car is the vag group as they have a great tuning ability.

Tell us about your car

“My car is a mk4 golf GTI, far from standard as I’m around 25k plus in to the car. It may not look much. the inside is clean but simple and the out side is also simple but clean. I have focused on the performance and handing of the car. The car came out of the factory with a small port 1.8t engine running 150bhp. The engine is now a forged large port 1.8t with meth injection and running 350bhp with matching torque figures. The bay is dipped to attract people at the shows and now with the added help of the exhaust valve recently fitted it now makes a lot of noise.

A clean and simple example of a car that does the job I built it to do.

Favourite car show?

This is a hard question for me being I do most of the shows that there is and 99% of them are done with juicy. But if I had to pick I’d have to say wörthersee as I go there for driving holiday and to see different cars, different people and different ideas…


Where can people follow you:

Facebook and Instagram. My current install is josh_mk4 how ever this will be changing soon.

Plans for the future:

To carry on what I’m doing now. Work hard, help expand juicy as a brand, make my golf faster. Oh, I need to buy a house aswell!

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