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Best car care products

We may be in the season of “peace and goodwill to all men” (and women), but there’s another special friend of yours who may deserve a gift or two – your four-wheeled pride and joy.  OK, so we’re not greatly in the business of treating our cars like people (or not most of the time, […]

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7 expert car cleaning tips

Is your car becoming increasingly grimy, leaving you wondering what to do about it? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too expensive or arduous to restore your vehicle’s showroom-worthy shine.  Instead, follow the below tips to help ensure great results.  Use dedicated car cleaning products  If you’re thinking of reaching for that household cleaner to […]

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How to wax your car

How to wax your car If you’ve ever caught yourself gazing over at the neighbour’s car and wondering why it’s still got that ‘straight out of the showroom’ shine literally months or years later, it’s probably because they do a great job of waxing it regularly. Indeed, waxing a car’s paintwork isn’t just great for […]

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