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Best car care products

We may be in the season of “peace and goodwill to all men” (and women), but there’s another special friend of yours who may deserve a gift or two – your four-wheeled pride and joy. 

OK, so we’re not greatly in the business of treating our cars like people (or not most of the time, anyway). But here at Juicy Details, we do believe in giving your car the tender loving care (TLC) it deserves. 

So, what are the top car care products in our online store that you ought to be treating your lean machine to in 2021 or beyond?

Berry Quick Quick Detailer

As its name suggests, this quick detailer spray is berry-scented and fast and easy to apply, on one panel at a time of your car’s surface. When you’re looking for something to enhance your car’s glossy shine and protection while banishing those fingerprints, it’s tricky to think of a better form of Last Stage Protection (LSP).

Vegas Nights Air Freshener

If there’s anything that’s joy in a bottle for your car interior, it might well be this fruity Vegas-themed air freshener. It’s sweet, unique and frankly irresistible.

Mint Wheels 

Looking to our wheel cleaning products, it’s fair to say we all want mint wheels – so why not help yourself to some Mint Wheels this winter? It’s fabulously gentle on all wheel types, and is great for saying goodbye to all of that unsightly grime, grease and brake dust. In conjunction with a good pressure wash and a No.20 detailing brush, it’ll help to keep your wheels immaculate.

Ezzee Bead Sealant

Whether you use it wet or dry, this Nano based sealant is a cinch to use, and can be counted on to give your car’s exterior surfaces water-repelling protection for as long as three months. This sealant that offers such impressive resistance to high pH products isn’t just effective on paintwork – it works well when applied to wheels, glass and plastics, too.

Ez Big Wheel Brush

EZ wheel brushes have a great reputation for treating a car well, and this one exudes the same quality. It’s been made from a high standard of materials and incorporates a vinyl coated stem wire with a bonded vinyl tip, as well as a rubber hand guard with a robust solid wood handle. It’s also highly regarded for how it makes hard-to-reach areas so much more reachable.

Rapid Enhance and Protect Kit

Christmas and great-value bundles seem to go together like… well, Santa and mince pies. So, it’s only fitting that we end our rundown with this Rapid Enhance and Protect Kit comprising Trio All In One Polish, Fast Wax and a standard microfiber towel. When you want a fast, unfussy and nicely priced package for keeping your car shining, we’d find it hard to recommend anything else. 

Of course, these are just a few of the Juicy Details products that – together – will help to give your car that just-rolled-off-the-dealership-forecourt look. But with these being products that we regularly use ourselves for car cleaning and protection, they’re among the best offerings out there for showing just how much you care about your vehicle.

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