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7 expert car cleaning tips

Is your car becoming increasingly grimy, leaving you wondering what to do about it? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too expensive or arduous to restore your vehicle’s showroom-worthy shine. 

Instead, follow the below tips to help ensure great results. 

Use dedicated car cleaning products 

If you’re thinking of reaching for that household cleaner to wash your car, stop right now. It won’t save you money. Instead, you might end up paying more money to repair the damage these often unsuitable cleaning products can cause. 

Our wide range of specialist car cleaning products at Juicy Details will help you to thoroughly clean your car while preserving both the inside and outside of the vehicle.   

Clean your car in the shade, if you can 

If your car is exposed to high levels of sun and heat while you’re cleaning it, it will probably dry faster. That might make certain cleaning products you’re using less effective. 

Dark-coloured cars can be particularly problematic to wash in extreme heat or direct sunlight. They can absorb so much heat that they become hot enough to the touch to burn your fingers. So if you can’t park in the shade, try to wait for more moderate weather conditions. 

Make the exterior sparkle, then focus on the interior 

I’m confident we all have our own routines for cleaning the cars in our life. At Juicy Details, our personal preference is to ensure the exterior is looking spotless before starting to clean the interior. The shine from the outside really motivates us to achieve the same standard on the interior. 

Remove rubbish before vacuuming 

Presuming you’re following our advice to start with the interior, your first step should be to remove the most obvious rubbish from inside storage spaces like the glove box, ashtrays and door bins. Also check under the seats, and remove any seat mats and carpet mats to clean separately. 

Follow this by vacuuming smaller bits of dust and grit, loosening dirt with a stiff brush if it’s embedded in the upholstery. 

‘Pre-wash’ the exterior 

Turning your focus to the outside of the car, you should remove as much dirt from it as you can before touching it. That way, you’ll help to prevent dirt being dragged along the paintwork, and potentially damaging it. 

A pressure washer and a snow foam lance should be just fine for this – or you might simply spray over the car with a regular cleaner. If you’re using snow foam, avoid standing too close to reduce the risk of damage, and aim to apply an even coating to the entire vehicle. 

Avoid the natural drying process 

Don’t depend on simply driving your car to ‘dry it off’ – this can cause water to pool in seals and gaps, and leave streaks on the paintwork. 

Instead, invest in the Premium Luxury Drying Towel. This will make your job a lot easier, believe me. The plush deep pile ensures water removal is easy while its super-soft construction ensures no damage to the car or its paintwork. 

Once you have gone to all of the effort to get the best finish then it’s worth protecting the look with either a quality sealant or wax

Take your time! 

Professional car detailers know the importance of not rushing a car cleaning job. After all, there can often be a lot to clean on a vehicle, and there are so many little areas – from the wheels and wheel arches to the cup holders and air vents – that can go unnoticed. 

Rest assured that the extra time you take to clean your car will be well-rewarded – especially when you also use the right car cleaning products from a trusted brand like Juicy Details!

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