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Wash your bloody hands
waxed sports car

How to wax your car

How to wax your car

If you’ve ever caught yourself gazing over at the neighbour’s car and wondering why it’s still got that ‘straight out of the showroom’ shine literally months or years later, it’s probably because they do a great job of waxing it regularly.

Indeed, waxing a car’s paintwork isn’t just great for making it shiny, as it can also help to prevent sun damage and even make the vehicle easier to clean, thanks to the protective layer it provides against grime and dirt.

However, you might feel a little embarrassed if you’ve owned a car for a little while and don’t even know how to wax your vehicle. So, here are the essential details of car waxing that will help you to do a great job, first time out.

waxed sports car

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

The waxing process will be more effective if you first thoroughly wash your car with a car shampoo, followed by blotting it dry with a microfiber drying towel (AND NOT a chamois leather!) to prevent water streaks. You might even opt to then use a clay bar to ensure the paintwork is as smooth as can be.

The next step is usually to allow the car to dry prior to waxing, although spray waxes do exist – including in our own range here at Juicy Details – that you can apply when the paintwork is still slightly wet.

OK, so what about the waxing process itself?

To get the best results from the waxing of your car, it’s generally the best idea to wait until the outside temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees, before applying it to an applicator pad and working it into the paint of your car. You will then be able to allow it to dry to a whitish haze.

But of course, different car waxing products come with different instructions, so it’s always important to read the label. Our renowned Fast Wax here at Juicy Details, for instance, needs to be shaken well before use, followed by the application of the wax to a clean car, one panel at a time, using a soft microfiber. Buffing off should then be done to form a protective layer.

Another popular item of ours in this category is the Nano-based Ezzee Bead Sealant. It can be used on your car wet or dry – in the case of the former, you just need to spray it on the bodywork by hand, one panel at a time, before immediately rinsing it off with a pressure washer.

If meanwhile, your car is dry before your use of Ezzee Bead Sealant, again, you will need to spray it directly onto the surface, but this will be followed by buffing off using a clean dry microfiber cloth.

Spray Sealant is also available from us, and again, needs to be shaken prior to use. Once you have washed your car and it has been allowed to dry, you are advised to apply this spray sealant to an applicator and then wipe it over the paintwork, one panel at a time. After five to 10 minutes’ curing, it can then be buffed off to reveal your car at its new, shiny best.

Going forward, you should aim to wax your car every three months on average, to ensure it continues looking as great as it did when you last waxed it.

Don’t look further than us for car waxing products

With such other in-demand items as Signature Ceramic Wax and Wrap Wax also in stock at Juicy Details right now, you don’t need to look far for car waxing products that you can trust!

Take your pick today from our extensive selection, and you’ll soon find out just how spectacular your car could look with the benefit of a well-planned and executed waxing regime.

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