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Toyota GT86 Rocketbunny – Sponsored Feature

 one hell of a wrap job! 

We catch up with the owner of the wild Rocketbunnt GT86, Carl House, Carl is a true gent. Helping out where possible and always a laugh. Carl has fitted into the JD crew with ease.

The first up onto the sponsored cars list with his Toyota GT86 Rocket bunny. 2018 saw the colour change and then the crash. 2019 will see the rise of the Rocket bunny with a few little surprises…

Carl House – N23Verr

Known for the ridiculous GT86 that everyone (including us at the beginning) thought was a wrap!

How did you get into cars?

I got into cars from my grandfather, my grandparents raised me and my grandad would often take me to his farm in the field was a unit/allotment with a non-running Volvo, and he let me play with it and tinker and one day around 13 years old.

I managed to get it running, and ever since then the passion grew, started learning to drive around 13-14 with my grandad in fields, and then Paul walker was a massive inspiration to me as it was one of the last memories of me and my dad, and he always said “I would like to own that skyline” from that day I set out to do, and at 21 I brought my first ever R34 skyline which led on to many more jap cars and to the current rocket bunny.

Toyota GT86 with Rocket bunny version 1 body kit, 3P airlift management, work miester 3piece splits custom, ducktail lipped wing, rear quarter louvers, in a custom paint job from a custom pearl pink faded purple into a custom light teal, from my good friend @jamesallen or @j.a.autobodies

I want to thank juicy for all they have done for me since being sponsored I have never felt like a sponsored person I have always been looked as a friend and part of the family, they have always helped and looked after me when I need it, and when my instagram was hacked was straight back with the support on my new account, made things to show support towards my build it’s always more family and business

How did you hear about Juicy Details?

Juicy I first heard about from UD 2018 and noticed the brand, there on I began to follow and entered into a sponsorship application which I was unsuccessful “shit hold a grudge for that” then not long after I was approached to become sponsored which has now grown into a long lasting friendship

Fav Juicy Details product?

Fav juicy product would be the “n23ver” bottle when it’s made but for now, I would always say a dash of coke (Now named Gloss Trim)! Best smell ever and always reminds me of my childhood with cola bottles

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