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Wash your bloody hands

No one likes change… Well, I do

Wednesday 31st October 2018… I’ve tidied up

You may notice a few little changes on the site today… it’s all for the better.

I’ve had to change the theme as some of the cool plugins that I want to use in the future do not work with the first theme that we had running for the year.

So, now was the best time to do it. A couple of guys came through to us on the phone lines to order so thank you for that. As for you other guys that posted on social media that you would rather wait until we were back online… We are back!

As a thank you for your patience , for the next week have a 15% off discount code for your troubles:


Just enter this into our new look and feel checkout page on the website (With a whole lot more to come too!) and enjoy the benefits!

P.S – I have also brought the free delivery down to all orders over £60 instead of the £100 that we had it at. Every little helps eh?!

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